Construction brought to the next level

 Our Mission:

Honor: Our reputation is on the line when we do our work, and no one else's. We are a team of skilled individuals, committed to excellence in service and craftsmanship, who strive to improve the quality in the construction industry, one customer at a time. We take pride in everything that we do.

Commitment: We will do everything in our power to get the job done on time and with the highest of quality. We perform better than 60% of the work on projects with our own people thus giving us more control than the conventional general contractor.

Diversity: Our talented staff has a broad range of experience in the construction industry, giving us decades of diverse experience to tap into.

 Our History:

HCD Inc has been in business for 30 years as a general building and general engineering construction organization. Our projects have been both commercial and residential, building from the ground up and build out or remodeling. We have combined experience that goes far beyond those 30 years that enables us to better serve our clients.

 How We Do It:

The company maintains employees with extensive expertise in all phases of construction, including but not limited to site-work, concrete foundations and flatwork, HVAC fabrication, metal fabrication, steel stud, painting, t-grid, and sheetrock.

We have the following licenses and are in good standing with:

  • Idaho State Board of Contractors ID#RCE-2543
  • Oregon Construction Contractors Board #184770
  • California Contractors State License Board #536648
  • General Building and General Engineering Licenses